Community Engagement a MUST to Make a Dent in Undernutrition!

The consistently low rates of exclusive breastfeeding, complimentary feeding and the consumption of IFA tablets shatters the long perceived notion that undernutrition is an outcome of poverty, food insecurity and poor access to health services. There is more to it which is basic but critical – the compromised CARE PRACTICES.… Read More

Investing in Local Leadership to strengthen the local processes, ownership and ensure sustainability – a key towards attaining Zero Hunger

Even after 25 years of UNICEF’s conceptual framework and continued efforts among nutrition communities all over the world, the problem of hunger remains persistent. We know “what” must be done, but we remain adrift of the “how”. The centre’s recently announced National Nutrition Mission (NNM) is a step in that… Read More

Building Capacity of Young Nutrition Leaders to Improve Production Systems with a Focus on Improving Overall Nutritional Level of Children

Tribal communities are amongst the most undernourished and suffer a chronic hunger that has hampered their mental and physical development for ages. Their forced transit from forest dwelling to semi-settled and settled agriculture has led to a loss of much of their sources of vital nutrition, including animal and vegetable… Read More

Gender Sensitive Initiatives to Reduce Malnutrition

A Joint Action by the Food & Nutrition Security & Enhanced Resilience Programme (FaNS-GIZ)& Department of Women & Child Development to Improve Dietary Diversity among Women and Children in Madhya Pradesh (India)  “It has been the tradition for women and girls to eat last. This is how it has always… Read More

JEEVika (SRLM), Bihar is forerunner to start Jan Andolan in Nutrition

 The emergence of National Nutrition Mission (NNM) and its commitment to reduce the level of stunting, under-nutrition, anemia and low birth weight babies is a long awaited milestone towards a transformed nutrition landscape in India. Improving nutrition in Indiawill require a multi-sectoral approach involving a wide spectrum of ministries and… Read More

NO TIME TO WASTE: A comprehensive approach addressing Acute Malnutrition among children in India

 Year 2017 ended on an encouraging note for the nutrition agenda in India with the approval by the Union cabinet for the National Nutrition Mission (NNM). The NNM envisions various activities, including the community based management of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) for children without medical complications as per guidelines that… Read More

Markets for sustainable nutrition

 Markets for sustainable nutrition We all know that South Asia houses a large population of malnourished. Even a large section of the population in the region is dependent on agriculture, markets are the major or at least an important source of food. Rural non-farm, landless and urban households source food… Read More

Comprehensive nutrition education is the key to combat under nutrition

 We need to listen to, what the statistics of nutrition in India say. According to NFHS-4 anaemia remains a critical public health problem affecting 53% of women and 58.5% children age 6-59 months. Anaemia begins in childhood, worsens during adolescence in girls and is aggravated further during pregnancy. Hardly, 30.3%… Read More

In Rural India: Empowering Women’s Collectives to be Champions of Nutrition

 Good Nutrition is fundamental to both individual and national development, THE LANCET {2013} and Vision 2022 of National Nutrition Strategy, GoI committed to “ensuring that every child, adolescent girls and women attains optimal nutritional status especially those from the most vulnerable communities”. This has brought Nutrition centre stage on India’s… Read More

National Nutrition Mission – A ray of hope for improved action against all forms of malnutrition?

India has advanced fairly rapidly in all phases of growth and development but unfortunately this progress also brought along a plethora of (largely) lifestyle related diseases and disorders. The recent report on India: Health of Nation’s States (2017) using GBD methodology attributed 55.4% disability-adjusted life-years (DALY) and 60% deaths to… Read More