Sustainable Food & Nutrition Security through Food Fortification by Pawan Kumar Agarwal

July 17, 2017 / Comments (0)


Food and nutrition insecurity is widespread in India. The Global Hunger Index has ranked India 97th out of 118 countries. An alarming70% of Indians do not consume enough vitamins and minerals and thus suffer from micronutrient deficiency. This “hidden hunger” is a serious health
risk to all- across regions, socio-economic strata, age and gender. The silver lining is- it is preventable- through dietary diversification, supplementation and food fortification.
Fortification of food is a proven, simple, cost-effective and sustainable strategy to combat micronutrient malnutrition. It involves the addition of essential vitamins and minerals in staple foods. It is safe, does not require changes in food habits of people and is a scalable solution. The Copenhagen Consensus estimates that every ₹1 invested in fortification results in a return of₹9 to the economy.


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