Message from Board Chair

AR Nanda Hunger and malnutrition are being discussed at many national and international platforms for quite some time now. We still have a long path to traverse to fulfill our dream of a hunger-free and well-nourished world. Today, India is considered to be one of the youngest nations and we can reap this demographic dividend if our citizens are healthy and productive. Food and Nutrition Security is crucial for physical and cognitive development of individuals. Without ensuring food and nutrition security to all, we cannot think of inclusive and sustainable development.

This Coalition brings together organisations and experts working towards this noble cause under one roof. It provides a platform to bring different opinions and knowledge products together and synthesise these diverse views and resources into a multidimensional well-integrated consensus-based view. It also helps different development actors to share their experiences and develop a learning community. This helps in taking a holistic approach towards a Sustainable Food and Nutrition security rather than ad hoc, piece-meal or segmented approach.

Being an evidence-based advocacy organisation, the Coalition advocates for more effective and efficient people-centric policies and disseminates latest knowledge and promising practices among the stakeholders working in the field. We channelize resources and efforts towards achieving the goals and targets related to Food and Nutrition, charted out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and World Health Assembly (WHA) targets. We believe in taking up a participatory bottom-up approach in all our endeavours and in working towards empowering communities.

As a founding Board member, I have had the opportunity to watch the Coalition grow and raise the strategy for itself and for the ones associated with it. The organisation has shown resilience, determination and shared sense of purpose so far. I take immense pride in taking up the Board leadership of this committed organisation. My best wishes will be with the resource persons of Coalition Secretariat as well as the Working Groups to keep up the good work. I hope many more people join us in our journey towards making a ‘Suposhit Bharat and Suposhit World’.

AR Nanda

Board Chair,
The Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security, India.