Message from Patron and Emeritus Chair

Prof. Swaminathan

Climate smart nutrition sensitive agriculture for sustainable food and nutrition security is relevant today as it was relevant in ancient civilisation. As the country’s population inflates, India will need to address an increasing demand for food. Climate vulnerability, emergencies and disasters are affecting ecosystems, biodiversity and country’s ability to produce the crops we need for survival. The poorest class like farmers and agriculturalists whose life and livelihood depend on subsistence farming are the worst hit. Food and nutrition security is fundamental to human health and wellbeing and national sovereignty. I strongly believe, ‘If sustainable agriculture goes wrong, nothing else would have a chance to go right’.

India needs to address undernutrition through effective implementation and monitoring of National Food Security Act (NFSA)-2013 and other programs to address calorie inadequacy, widening the food basket, dietary diversity. The food value system needs to be strengthened by preserving and protecting nutrition across food value chains. Addressing protein Hunger by improving and diversifying both production and farming system to include poultry, fishery production etc. could be bolted along with climate smart agriculture and farming system. This country is home to rich flora and fauna along with roots and tubers and blessed with their micronutrient content. I would recommend promotion of naturally bio fortified crops through a national grid of genetic gardens of naturally bio fortified crops to address micronutrient malnutrition. The ultimate aim to achieve zero hunger and malnutrition.

I envisage The Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security to harness the power of partnerships, and aggregation of knowledge in catalysing actions for a hunger and malnutrition free India. As a public interest coalition it is attempting to achieve this goal. We need catalytic interventions to alter this situation.

Hippocrates said long ago, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. With profound satisfaction, I can say that today, the Coalition as public interest organisation is able to alter India’s broken food system, support the national and state government for an evergreen revolution and fight malnutrition and hunger together.

Prof. Swaminathan

Founder Board Chair,
The Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security, India.