Vision, Mission, Values and Objective

Our Vision

To achieve sustainable food and nutrition security for all.

Our Mission

The Coalition aims to raise awareness, foster collaboration and advocate for improved programmes to achieve sustainable food and nutrition security in India.

Our Core Values

  • Conviction and Courage: Critically engaging with public policy and taking political positions on issues of public interest concerning health and nutrition.
  • Evidence-based Agenda: Committed to setting an agenda based on rational findings, such as backing of scientific evidence and has the potential of being scaled up across cultural contexts.
  • Equity and Diversity: Building an inclusive Coalition across India and giving equal space to each member regardless of size, capacity, or position.
  • Democratic Discourse: Engaging with multiple stakeholders from the government, civil society, and private sector transparently and collaboratively, giving all voices a space for the greater good.
  • Result Driven: Demonstrate results at scale, backed by quality and excellence.


The Coalition’s objective is to catalyze actions and influence thinking of policy makers, development partners and political leaders on key food and nutrition indicators in line with WHA targets and UNSDG goals.

Goals and Targets

  • A country free from hunger
  • Child stunting: Reduce by 40%
  • Child wasting: Reduce to less than 5%
  • Anaemia : Reduce anaemia in women of reproductive age by 50%
  • Exclusive Breastfeeding – Increase by at least 50%
  • Low birth weight- Reduce by 30%
  • Child overweight: No increase
  • Doubling the farmer’s income in the next five years
  • Focus on Deworming & an open defecation free society
  • Robust Food Safety, Quality control, and Quality Assurance mechanism