Nutrition Affairs

This section features articles related to Political Economy, Food & Nutrition Governance and Current Affairs.

Ms Neerja Chaudhary, political commentator and Transform Nutrition Champion writes regular features in this section.

Ms. Neerja Chowdhury is a political journalist of repute with a strong interest in social activism, and a member of the Citizens Alliance Against Malnutrition (Citizens Alliance). Neerja entered the realm of nutrition to help with child rights advocacy. She became really interested in nutrition after the 2005-06 National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3), which brought home the realisation that rates of child malnutrition in India were among the highest in the world.

An Action Agenda for Nutrition Security in India

This Action Agenda for Nutrition Security in India is a consensus document prepared by a group of renowned experts in nutrition, spearheaded by Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security. The Coalition, established in 2007 was chaired by Prof. M S Swaminathan, and comprised of members who are experts in their…

Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture

As you travel around the country, you sometimes come across people who lift your spirit. They make you feel good, because they are attempting to break new ground, instead of just lamenting about problems. And some are also making experiments, to see if the ideas they advocate will actually work…

Transform Nutrition, Transform India

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken about many social issues in the last three years either in his Mann Ki Baat or from the ramparts of the Red Fort, from where he had in 2014 first flagged off the idea of toilets for girls and of Swachh Bharat. Last…