Nutrition on my Radar Screen

Nutrition on my Radar Screen

“Nutrition on my RADAR Screen” provides a state-wise radar diagram – an interactive data visualization tool developed at the Nutrition Group, CTARA, IIT Bombay (Suggested citation: nutrition on my radar screen Nutrition Group, CTARA, IIT Bombay February 1, 2020)!/vizhome/NutritiononmyRADARScreen/Home  

This was released in public domain on February 1, 2020, the 46th foundation Day of CINI (Child in Need Institute) India.

These radar diagram facilitate visualization of relative performances of various states for different domains affecting child nutrition with respect to national average and India’s best score using the NFHS – 4 and the recent CNNS data.

Out of 114 indicators covered under NFHS-4, 42 indicators are selected that reflect and affect child health and nutrition. These were then grouped into 11 domains, their prevalence converted assigned a score with normalized range and then aggregated to form a composite index for each domain.

These diagrams can be used for comparisons across locations and time. These can also be used for prioritizing interventions in proposed action plan at state level and subsequently at the district level (Watch this space!). One can also calibrate different targets based on the position of the district or state vis a vis the average and the ideal scores.

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