Nutri-Garden Webinar

The Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security in coordination with Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), IIT Bombay organised a webinar on “Promoting Nutri garden for nutrition security” on 11th August’20. Nutrition garden is an indigenous and sustainable solution to malnutrition. It can play a critical role in ensuring nutrition security and diversity at AWC, household level as well as empowering rural women who can play a major role in decision making alongside men related to what crops to plant and sell, how to use harvests and what foods to include in diets and hence ensure food and nutritional safety of growing children.

The webinar focused on: Awareness generation through deliberations on Innovation, methodology, strategies, scaling up and best practices from the representatives of major organisations working on Nutri-garden programme and critical role of Nutri-garden in eliminating malnutrition through convergence with other line departments.

Introduction by Dr Sujeet Ranjan (ED, CFNS) | NutriGarden – CFNS-CTARA | Aug 11

Guidelines & Directives for promoting NutriGarden by Anchal Purbey (CFNS) | CFNS-CTARA | Aug 11

Mobilisation for NutriGarden in Rural Jharkhand by Dr. Nirmala Nair (Ekjut) | NutriGarden- CFNS-CTARA | Aug 11

Improving Dietary Diversity – Mr. Anshuman Das (Welthungerhilfe) | NutriGarden – CFNS-CTARA | Aug 11

Convergence: Child Nutrition through MGNREGA by Prof. Satish B Agnihotri (CTARA) | NutriGarden-CFNS-CTARA| Aug 11

NutriGarden experiences in Odisha by Mr. Rajib Kumar Roul (APPI) | NutriGarden – CFNS-CTARA | Aug 11

Experiences from Piramal Swastha in Tribal Areas – Dr Devika Gali (Piramal Swasthya)| NutriGarden – CFNS-CTARA | Aug 11

BAIF Pan India Experience sharing – Dr Rajashree Joshi (BAIF) | NutriGarden – CFNS-CTARA | Aug 11

Improving Household Diet Diversity by Dr. Bhavani RV (MSSRF) | NutriGarden – CFNS-CTARA| Aug 11

Possible Entrepreneurship Model – Prof. Narendra Shah (CTARA ) | NutriGarden – CFNS-CTARA | Aug 11

Question & Answer and Way Forward | NutriGarden – CFNS-CTARA | Aug 11