CFNS Strategy

The Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security (CFNS) is a platform for members to collaborate and achieve the common vision of “sustainable food and nutrition security for all.” It’s members span across the country and its 7-member Governing Board has representatives from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR,) Government of India and Government of Manipur. Former Secretaries to the Government of India and eminent civil society members are on the Governing Board.

Through its journey over a decade, the Coalition has facilitated multiple cross-group collaborations, dialogues between subject matter experts, policy leaders and agencies and successfully transformed the leadership agenda of action. It has provided a knowledge platform to assist State and Central Government and worked as a national observatory on important issues and international best practices. The Coalition is duly recognized and has been active in maintaining food and nutrition as a topic of interest and concern in the public domain.

Coalition Strategy – Good Governance, Good Policy