Membership Engagement

The transformational strategy adopted by the coalition will be made through collaboration, convening and converge to trigger transformative action. The coalition will deepen its existing engagement with the government as a technical and subject matter expert. We will bring together civil society networks, elected representatives, academia and socially responsible business leaders to create a shared space dedicated to delivering on the promise of a zero hunger and well-nourished nation. Our advocacy and campaign work plan will be guided by the strategic consideration that parliaments through their legislative, oversight, budget approval and representation duties could play a catalytic role. Given the multidimensionality of hunger and malnutrition, only an interlinked plan where resources and expertise are pooled in together, would work.

No time is to be lost. With the combined expertise, community interface and relationships of trust with the government and policy makers, thought leaders who are friends and mentors of the Coalition, we will gear up to a campaign mode. The objective will be widespread dissemination of research backed facts and guidelines about the impact of food systems and practices in our lives. It will be part of our multi-pronged strategy to position the need for a nutritious diet as a foremost goal for private sector investments, corporate accountability, and citizens in their homes, schools, medical practitioners, media campaigns and other social cultural and economic forces that influence the food we take. We will also ensure that the narrative of nutrition captures and lays enough emphasis on issues that often fall off the radar in India despite getting enough prominence in the global agenda. Some such issues include optimal breastfeeding, protein deficiency and animal protein as well as the occurrence of under nutrition in higher income population.

Coalition will regularly conduct events, seminars and conferences serving as a platform for networking, best practice sharing and knowledge exchange amongst members. The Coalition will provide opportunities for members to voice their concerns and increase their visibility with different stakeholders, especially government. In order to maintain a continuous line of communication with all its members, Coalition will publish and disseminate periodicals and newsletters regularly.