Evidence based advocacy

Our national strategies and programmes will be guided by evidence based agenda setting. Through steady dissemination of evidence and knowledge sharing, we hope to generate will and accountability across decision makers, percolating through the layers of governance. There is an urgent need for reliable data from the sub national level and here the civil society must play a critical role. The coalition, with its strong backing of its members, research and academia, is in a strong position to gather evidences. We will work with NITI Aayog, the Prime Minister’s Office, and all relevant ministries, State Chief Ministers, State Departments and political parties across party line to train the focus of all policies on nutrition. The levels of aid and domestic financing of food and nutrition interventions are not adequate to resource this political ambition. Inadequate government funding for public programs is one of the major challenges in fighting malnutrition in the country. The Coalition’s purpose is to engage in budget advocacy and influence the policy makers to allocate more money into its food and nutrition programs. One of our key strategies will be to advocate for the revival and reform of the ICDS, considered as a fullproof and holistic approach to early child development and nutrition. We will work with the government and other stakeholders to promote and facilitate strong convergences across ministries, sectors and locally across district departments, ration shops, schools, panchayats and enforcement.

The Coalition will create opportunities for establishing and improving legislations, policies and implementation practices both at centre as well as states will need to be identified. The opportunities identified will need to be carefully assessed through generation and analysis of data, information and evidence to provide actionable recommendations. The Coalition’s active participation in govt. forums, meetings and other engagements would be an integral part of advocacy efforts to ensure achievement of desired objectives. Apart from centre and state governments, the Coalition will have a mandate for influencing all relevant stakeholders in driving successful nutritional outcomes including media, CFNS members, education and development organisations.