State Inception Workshop on Nutrition, Health and Early Childhood Development, Guwahati

The engagement of CFNS in Strategy Planning process of Trickle Up Asia

The Coalition for Food and Nutrition (CFNS) security was invited by Trickle Up Asia to provide support to frame a strategy for the continuation and addressing ultra- poverty through integrated development interventions. Dr. Sujeet Ranjan, Executive Director of CFNS shared his insights on the Community-led initiative for improved Nutrition outcomes.

He presented the success of “Gram Varta” (participatory learning and action approach) to mobilise community through Self Help Group to improve nutrition outcomes at family & individual level in Bihar. He also shared the key learning –

  • The self-help groups (SHG) structure had great potential as a change agent.
  • SHG movement had helped women to overcome the socio-cultural barriers.
  • Provided a ready platform for introducing community-led actions to reduce malnutrition and hygiene behaviors.
  • It is a sustainable approach because the community is seen to be fully involved
  • Empowers self-help groups with the knowledge and skills
  • Gram Varta aimed to improve access to the services and strengthens the community level institution.

There was participation in the event from the leadership team of Trickle Up (the United States and Asia Region), resource persons from the government, independent commissions, civil society organisations, corporate organizations as well as program participants.

The consultation meeting of the working group on Essential Nutrition Intervention and Food Security Group

The Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security (CFNS) and UNICEF Assam fostered collaboration to achieve sustainable food and nutrition security in a partnership with key stakeholders in Assam. As part of this collaboration, the Coalition and UNICEF Assam formed two multisector state specific Working Groups (Food Security and Essential Nutrition Initiatives) in close coordination with various stakeholders. The working groups are the Think Tank for policy strengthening, result based program advocacy, and multisector approach towards Kuposhan Mukt Assam. The 1st joint meeting was held on 17th December 2018 in Guwahati.

A learning session with the father of Green Revolution in India

Prof M.S.Swaminathan, Patron and Emeritus Chair, The Coalition had a meeting with the Dr.Sujeet Ranjan, Executive Director of The Coalition on October 8, 2018 in Chennai. He guided on how The Coalition can play a strategic role in the present scenario towards ‘Zero Hunger’ in India. He emphasized on the important role of agriculture for dietary diversification.

The Coalition along with World Vision India(WVI) organized a National Level Consultation with a theme of “Enroute to Kuposhan Mukt Bharat”

World Vision India (WVI) and The Coalition organized a national level consultation on ‘Enroute to Kuposhan Mukt Bharat’ at the India International Centre, in New Delhi on August 20, 2018. The panelists discussed the need for partnerships and focused on a multi-sectoral approach to scale-up maternal and child health services in the country. The consultation was an opportunity to share and disseminate best practices for reducing undernutrition, maximizing the impact and reaching the most vulnerable through proven community mobilization strategies and scale up models. Dr. Vinod K. Paul, Member, NITI Aayog said, “I urge all stakeholders to join the Poshan Abhiyan. The consultation included sessions on overview of National Nutrition Strategy, Partnerships and Collaborations, RoI and enhancing service delivery for Kuposhan Mukt Bharat. Panelists for the consultation included Dr. C.S. Pandav, Board Vice-chair, The Coalition, Dr. Sujeet Ranjan, Executive Director, The Coalition, Dr. Satish Agnihotri, Board Member, The Coalition and many other eminent experts from the field.